Why Local SEO Different From National SEO and How it Can Help Your Business

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April 7, 2020

Like most people you’ve probably heard about SEO (search engine optimization), and how it can help your business get tons of free “buyer-ready” traffic to your website online. However, there is a big difference between SEO in general, and local SEO. Local SEO is a very specific SEO strategy that is designed to help businesses that operate in a specific area to connect with customers and clients in that area. Knowing the difference between local SEO, and SEO in general, can be the difference in whether or not your business grows or fails. Let’s take a look at what local SEO is, why it’s helpful, and when you would want to use it over “national” SEO.

When to Use Local SEO

Picture this, you run a bakery in Denver so you make a website, do some standard SEO stuff like making your site mobile friendly, and you begin getting some traffic. Unfortunately, the traffic you get is not from your area, but from all over the country. This wouldn’t be helpful, and may even be harmful as it would increase your bounce rate when people click off of your site. The smart thing to do in this situation would be to use local SEO to make sure that the traffic that’s coming to your site is from your area. That way people who are actually able to become your customers would be getting drawn into your sales funnel, not people who have no way of doing business with you because of their location. Think of it this way: Local SEO narrows the focus but increases the quality of the traffic. This is why local SEO is the go-to online traffic strategy for businesses that operate in a specific area.

Local SEO Strategies

There are many factors that go into a local SEO strategy, but one of the best things you can do is to list your business with as many online business directories as possible. This will let Google and the search engines know where you’re located so that you get recommended when someone does a search for your type of business.For example, if someone in Atlanta searches for “dentist near me” Google will provide them with links to dentists who are in their area. It can do this because it knows where the person who’s doing the search is, and it’s crawled numerous business directories to know what dental offices are in that particular area. For more tips, we recommend to read this guide on local SEO, it’s pretty thorough and covers all the basic steps.

Local SEO Keywords

The thing to remember when using local SEO keywords is the fact that each of your pages on your website will be ranked independently by Google. This means that each page should have local SEO keywords on it like “Boston dog trainer,” or “Austin psychologist.” These examples are very broad and competitive so take the time to think about what makes your business unique, niche down, and discover keywords that you can dominate. You can followe some online tutorials, though. Here is a great one:


The Sooner You Start The Better

As with any SEO strategy, local SEO is a long term project. It takes time to set up and get going, but once it does it can remain effective for years. The main thing to keep in mind is that Google’s algorithms are always changing so you need to preform regular audits to make sure your SEO is still working. If you can do this, you’ll be sure to get plenty of hot buyer-ready traffic to your website that you can easily convert into paying customers and clients.