Movie Review: Ready Player One

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April 25, 2018
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Before the movie Ready Player One came out, we were on the fence about Steven Spielberg’s latest outing. We were worried that it would be nothing more than a pandering mess attempting to wring out every dollar from the geek community through an over-saturation of pop culture references and Easter eggs. Moreover, we also found it a bit concerning that most of the movie will be computer generated as we were afraid that it would end up ugly and poorly animated.

However, after watching the movie, all our fears and reservations were quickly put to rest as we were treated to a gorgeous feast for the eyes. The world of the Oasis is a beautiful one. It is loaded with familiar landscapes and characters. You will surely find yourself smiling every time you see a familiar face.

Steven Spielberg has once again silenced his critics by putting on a master class in filmmaking. While Ready Player One may not rank as one of his best films, and it certainly is not perfect, we can confidently say that it is worth your time.